What is supplemental oxygen?

Also called Oxygen Therapy. Breathing concentrated oxygen gas through oxygen delivery tubing in order to boost your oxygen saturation levels if your body is not adequately oxygenated.


What is the difference between medical grade oxygen and recreational oxygen?

Our concentrators produce air that is roughly 90-95% pure oxygen.  Bottled medical grade oxygen is 99% oxygen, is under high pressure and requires a prescription from a doctor.  If you require medical oxygen we recommend you seek  the advice of a Physician. 


Are your oxygen concentrators portable?

Yes! Our in home oxygen concentrators are easy to move around to the most convenient place within your home.  We provide extension oxygen tubing to make it easy for you to relax comfortably on oxygen anywhere inside your home. Our battery powered portable oxygen concentrators can go anywhere with you and are great if you want to be on oxygen when you're out and about.


Do you accept Medicaid, Medicare, or insurance for payment?

No.  Peak Oxygen is not a medical provider and does not contract with insurance companies, medicare or medicaid. We do not fill prescriptions for medical grade oxygen.  Equipment provided by Peak Oxygen is not intended as a substitute for medical oxygen.  If you need medical oxygen please seek the advice of a physician.  

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations prior to 24hrs of reservation will receive a full refund.                                                                           Cancellations within 24hrs of reservation may be charged the minimum rental fee of $150